Lockdown Songs

During the lockdown during this Corona time there were no concerts and hardly any rehearsals. But I have been playing along on different songs in my home studio. I play the organ, piano and synthesizer parts. Mainly for my own pleasure and further development. It are songs that I like to play but are not (yet) performed by the bands I play with. Most of them are covers and some are orininal songs. See below and also on the “fun on Synth” page.

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Procol Harum cover: This song ignited the fire for the Hammond sound in me. Although more than 50 years old, it hasn’t lost any strength. At the time very innovative. The writer of the song called it a painting in which the words were the colors. It’s a song that almost everyone knows.

Since I’ve Been Loving You

Led Zeppelin cover You could call this next song a childhood sweetheart. I was, and still am completely gone on this song. It’s one of the best pop/rock songs for me. It may be the melancholy in the song or the subtly present Hammond.

Child in Time

Deep Purple cover: Now it’s time to rock. This classic cannot and should not be left behind. This song Child in Time takes over 10 minutes. Enjoy.

Love You More Then You’ll Ever Know

Beth Hart: This time the song “I Love You More Then You’ll Ever Know” in the performance of Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa. It haven’t played it live yet but You’ll never know.


Angelina Jordan: Now a remix of angelina jordan’s own song titled Shield. It’s about the protection and inspiration her family gives her in the music world. It was fun to work with the synts, the force, samples and the original music and incorporate those into the DAW. A very nice song where I could put a lot of creativity in.

Black Magic Woman

Santana cover: The original is from Peter Green but because of the Hammond I’ve covered the version of Santana

Bad Woman Blues

Beth Hart cove: Now a song by Beth Hart entitled Bad Woman Blues. We do have it on our repertory, but it hasn’t been done live yet because of the Corona virus.

When A Blind Man Cries

Deep Purple cover: This ballad was recorded in December 1971. Since it was not in the taste of Ritchie Blackmore, it only ended up as a B-side, on the single. But I find it a nice balled to play.

Sweet Child Of Mine

Guns N’Roses cover: Sweet Child O‘ Mine is so popular because it sings of feelings we have each have had straight from the soul or heart. In hearing it one is left with the feeling. So perfect for a synthesizer and organ


Christina Aguilera: Before I switched to keyboard, I was a guitarist. Now I thought it would be nice to play something on keyboard with the sound of a guitar. When I did that, it was a little empty. In the end, the song became the way I attached it. The song is Hurt by Christina Aguilera. In the middle I have something built-in to give yourself your own interpretation of hurt and hurting.

The Man With The Child In His Eyes

Kate Bush: Now a song by my old musical childhood sweetheart Kate Bush. No organ only piano.

Smooth Operator

Sade cover: Now a song that has been recorded before but has now been updated. The singing is done by Cisca Verweij and Mariska Kerst. We’re going way back in time with this Sade success song/

25 Or Six To Four

Chicago cover: This time it’s an old Chicago song and it’s called “25 Or 6 To 4”. I’d done that song before, but this is a remake.

Jesus To A Child

George Michael cover

George Michael cover: Now a quiet song. I just played the strings. There was nothing to add or change to it. Take a slow breath at “Jesus To A Child”.

A million years ago

Adele cover (Angelina Jordan version): This is a song by Angelina Jordan. A cover from Adele. I have a lot of admiration for this singer and see her as one of the best singers of this moment. Because she works as an independent artist, she needs all the support and recognition she can get. Imagine where this young lady will be in 5 to 10 years.